Welcome To Royal School Of Fashion

Welcome To Royal School Of Fashion

Receive Various Diplomas

Receive Various Diplomas

Receive various diplomas from professional institutions in the fashion industry. H.D.N higher national diploma, Level 5 B.T.E.C higher national certificate, level 4 pearson higher nationals

Work With The Best Professionals

Work With The Best Professionals

All of our tutors, are really 100% involved in their profession

Fashion Designer



About Us

The Royal School of Fashion was established under the guidance and instructions of the famous designer Michael Lazos, and has as its main goal and purpose to materialize the dreams of many young and ambitious young people...


Why Choose Us

Whether you're interested in fashion design, styling, or make up art, our School of Fashion has the specialized program to fit your passion. You'll work with experts and have access to fashion technology, equipment and facilities to prepare you for a future academic and professional career.

  1. Tutors with more than 10 years experience

  2. We love and enjoy what we are doing

  3. Professional advice


In our school you will have the chance to:

  1. learn in a very creative and inspiring environment

  2. develop your personal vision and design philosophy

  3. learn from some of the finest creative minds working in fashion today

  4. gain a thorough knowledge of the industry as you prepare to become part of it